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Likya Pavilion Suites

Likya Pavilion Suites Antalya, Kalkan, Turkey

7 Nights From£ 2.310

Blessed with eye-addicting views over Kalkan Bay


Chateau Antalya, Kas, Turkey

7 Nights From£ 5.740

Medieval splendour and unbridled indulgence, complete with personal chef, housekeeper and butler service.

Mavi Koy

Mavi Koy Antalya, Kalkan, Turkey

7 Nights From£ 6.685

Simply the finest villa along the entire Lycian coastline

Portville Villas

Portville Villas Mugla, Gocek, Turkey

3 Nights From£ 1.090

A network of little canals, with a respectful nod to Venice

Villa Lumineux

Villa Lumineux Antalya, Kalkan, Turkey

7 Nights From£ 3.535

Cool, calm, contemporary retreat

Private Villa Holidays With Voyage Elegante

Private Villas would be the best choice for you for holidays. Staying in a luxury villa with your family will be a unique experience for you. If you have not decided your plan for the next holiday yet, we advise you to try a private villa holiday for once. You will understand why people suggest private villa holidays. We can talk about many advantages of renting a private villa for holiday, and Voyage Elegante Holidays offer you all of those advantages.

Privacy Is the Biggest Benefit of Villa Holidays

Staying at your own villa presents you the privacy you desire. Villas are generally located in remote areas from the city. Therefore, you can enjoy your holiday without noise, without crowds. Staying in a luxury, private villa will give you the opportunity of getting rid of the noise and tension of city life. Private villas are the best places to enjoy your personal space. If you want to have a holiday in peace and quiet, private villas which are offered by Voyage Elegante will be the best choice for you.

Private Villas Are More Flexible Than Hotels

Another advantage of private villa holidays is flexibility. While staying in a hotel, there will be some restrictions even if the hotel is a very luxury one. You will need to follow check-in and check-out times. You need to care about other people while you are enjoying your holiday because rooms are close to each other and you do not want to disturb your neighbours. There are some other restrictions about the time of breakfasts or dinners etc. However, if you choose a private villa holiday, you will not need to worry about these kinds of issues. You can have breakfast or have dinner whenever you want. You can have fun without worrying about disturbing neighbours. You can enjoy your private pool etc.

If you want to have a private hotel holiday, as Voyage Elegante we are ready to serve you whenever you want. With the luxury private villas we can arrange in Muğla, Antalya, Istanbul or Greek islands, you will have the best holiday of your life!