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Portville Villas

Portville Villas Mugla, Gocek, Turkey

3 Nights From£ 1.335

A network of little canals, with a respectful nod to Venice

Layla Gocek

Layla Gocek Mugla, Gocek, Turkey

7 Nights From£ 1.680

Gocek's best-kept secret

Villa Verde Gocek

Villa Verde Gocek Gocek, Turkey

7 Nights From£ 1.260

seafront studio with pool in Gocek

Villa La Perla Gocek

Villa La Perla Gocek Gocek, Turkey

7 Nights From£ 1.750

One of the unique villas in Gocek

Portville Canal Villas

Portville Canal Villas Gocek, Turkey

7 Nights From£ -

2 bedroom villa

Portville Canal Villas 119

Portville Canal Villas 119 Gocek, Turkey

7 Nights From£ -

3 bedroom villa

Villa Saddler

Villa Saddler Gocek, Turkey

7 Nights From£ -

4 bedrooms villa

Discover Gocek

Turkey's one of the unparalleled holiday villages Gocek

Gocek Turkey is one of the unique holiday destinations with its beautiful bay, luxury and tranquillity.

Gocek is in a located large bay between Dalaman and Fethiye. Those charming 12 islands, pine forests, unspoilt hidden beaches and the various coves that surround and making an exceptionally delightful environment.

Gocek is a specially protected area. That means that large buildings and concrete construction are not allowed. The natural structure has been largely preserved.

There are luxury hotels such as Rixos Premium Gocek, D Resort Gocek. Luxury and private villas such as Portville Villas and chic boutique hotels where you can stay in Gocek. One of the most popular beaches located to D-Resort Gocek.

Portville Villas guests have special access to the private beach of the D-Resort Gocek with a %75 discount. And its renowned Breeze Restaurant. Other beaches in that area can be easily reached by cars.

Sarigerme beach (the long sandy beach), Izluzu beach, Oludeniz beach (40 minutes away), arguably one of the best beaches in Turkey.

Local Attractions

Gocek is a fabulous place for take a trip aboard a gullet.

Gocek Bay is popular with a family of twelve picturesque islands. A cruise threading its way languidly between them is a beautiful combination of relaxing tranquillity and aesthetic delight.

Many have sandy beaches, some with delightful restaurants, and some are historically significant. You could visit Cleopatra’s Island, said to have been a gift to the Egyptian beauty from Mark Anthony. The ruins of her “hammam” - the Turkish Bath - are still found here and, indeed, bathed in. 

Not forgetting:

The ancient city of Caunos

Kaunos was a Carian city located in the Dalyan region of Muğla province. Dalyan river was a border between Caria and Lycia. Caria later became a part of Lycia.

Kaunos was an important seaport until the 10th century BC. Later, due to the formation of the Iztusu beach, it remained approximately 8 km from the coast.

The city had two ports. South port was used until the end of the Hellenistic period. Then it became unusable because it dried.

The other port until the last days of Kaunos. But later on, it lost its importance due to changing formation. It was abandoned after the malaria epidemic in the 15th century AD.

Kaunos was founded by King Kaunos, son of King Miletus, grandson of Apollo, according to Mythology. It is said that Kaunos 'twin sister, Byblis, felt a deep love for him. Byblis, who could not find a match for her love, became mad tried to commit suicide. Mythology said that the Calbys river was formed from his tears.

The Butterfly Valley

Things to do in Butterfly Valley

Spending a day in the butterfly valley is completely integrating with nature. Hikers can go to discover the valley and take amazing photos. Magnificent turquoise water where swimmers and snorkelers can spend an incredible time.

How to get to Butterfly Valley

You can reach Oludeniz ( Blue Lagoon) by boat trip or the official Butterfly Valley boat taxi.

Lycian rock tombs & The mud baths Dalyan

Dalyan is located in Mugla province between Marmaris and Fethiye on the southwest coast of Turkey.

You can see the rock tombs built around 400 BC carved into the steep rocks along the river. There is also can be seen the ruins of the ancient trading city of Kaunos.

The Lycian Rock Tombs is one of the most important and ancient architectural wonders of Turkey.

According to the Lycian belief that their dead were carried to the afterlife by winged creatures. For this reason, they built high rock tombs to be closer to heaven.

Iztuzu Beach, located in the region's south, is a famous beach for swimming and sunbathing.

There are regular boat and minibus services to the Iztuzu beach. You should be aware of the wooden stakes on the beach to mark the nesting areas of Caretta Caretta.

Iztuzu beach was the winner of the best open area in Europe by The Times in 2008 due to its environmentally friendly use. It was also chosen as the best beach in Europe in 2011 by the Dutch holiday review site Zoover.

The Mud Bath Dalyan is one of the most popular places in Turkey.

Dalyan mud bath is known to be good for rheumatism, bone pain and sciatica. Also, the sulfur in the mud is anti-ageing, beautifies the skin and keeps it youthful. Rumour has it that Egyptian queen Cleopatra owed her beauty and youthfulness to this mud bath.

The ruins of Lycian cities in the Xanthos Valley 

Xanthos is the capital of Lycia, the oldest republic and civilisation in the world. The theatre, agora and acropolis of the ancient city can still be seen. The city walls are still visible in the Hellenistic town square and belong to the 3rd century BC. These incredible city ruins are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Gocek has well-kept seafront jazz bars, lounges, small boutiques, well-stocked little shops and a market square. It will be a pleasure to walk among the deep blue sea and the palm trees that greet you.

Weather in Gocek Fethiye

In Gocek, the summers are hot and clear, and the winters are long, cold, wet, and partly cloudy.

The best time of year to visit Gocek for hot-weather activities is from mid-May to the end of October.

Gocek is locating 20 minutes from Dalaman Airport.   

Gocek Hotels

Book your Gocek holiday today and stay at your dream destination.

Voyage Elegante offers chic, luxurious and architecturally magnificent hotels and villas in Gocek, Turkey. 

The Rixos Premium Gocek and the D Resort Gocek hotels offer excellent locations, beautiful Gocek beaches, luxurious, exceptional amenities and service. 

The Rixos Gocek is an adults-only and all-inclusive resort. There are rooms, suites and a choice of private villas across the bay. Reached by the hotel water taxi. 

D Resort Gocek offers an unforgettable holiday and ultimate comfort for both families and couples. D Gocek's natural coves, beautiful beaches, green nature, stunning architecture and design will enchant you. It features gourmet experiences with a variety of restaurants and bars. The Breeze" and "Lounge", the D-Resort is a perfect beach holiday choice.

Layla Gocek, a chic, family-run hotel surrounded by lush gardens and palm trees.

Hotel Layla delivers a perfect combination of seclusion and convenience. Hotel staff provide exceptional hospitality and service. You will truly feel welcome from the moment you step through the door. Just a five-minute drive from Hotel Layla is the attractive maritime market town of Gocek.

They are located just 25 minutes from Dalaman airport; our private transfer service easily reaches Gocek.

 All package holidays, including flights and private executive transfers, are ATOL protected. 

Gocek Villas 

Portville Villas, one of the luxury villas in Gocek, Turkey. Portville is located in the heart of Göcek and is a natural wonder structure surrounded by canal pools. Gocek luxury villas are beyond your expectation.

Portville lies on Gocek Bay.

A network of little canals allows the sea to wind its way between villas. Giving you the chance to navigate the village.

Portville Villas guests have special access to the private beach of the D-Resort Gocek with a %75 discount. And its renowned Breeze Restaurant.

Voyage Elegante Holidays continue to offer you beautiful holidays with our other villa options.