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Located between the major natural beauty of Turkey Kaz Mountains, it is known as a powerful source of oxygen. Kaz Mountains are located between Çanakkale and Balıkesir provinces. In terms of climate, both Marmara and Mediterranean climates are experienced in these mountains due to their location.

With its high amount of oxygen, Kaz Mountains prepared the ground for the formation of hundreds of plants in its soil. There are dozens of endemic plant species in the Kaz Mountains, which contain more than 800 plant species. For example, there are some unique plants species that grows and found only in Kaz Mountains which is the active substance, are of great importance in terms of the geography of the country.


Reasons to Visit Kaz Mountains ?

Kaz Mountains become a place that can be visited not only in the summer months, but in all seasons, taking on a different beauty. It is extremely possible to have a quiet and peaceful holiday w ...

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