Hazz Istanbul

Hazz Istanbul

The Hazz

Istanbul's best-kept secret

Only those in the know, know about The Hazz. Anonymously located in the heart of bustling Istanbul, it's so discreet there is not even a sign outside. But once you find your way inside, you'll remember it forever.

Created by two of Istanbul's leading designers, fashion designer and interior decorator Asli Tunca and her husband, The Hazz has been lovingly restored to bring together an eclectic mix of historical artefacts and modern objets d'art. What was once a historic building in the city's old European quarter is now truly a treasure house.

Hazz is Turkish for 'enchanted'. And you will surely be enchanted by its mix of Byzantine icons, Ottoman oil paintings and priceless Sultans’ seals, Indian-inspired marble chairs and antiques. It is a feast for the senses, fuelled by vibrant colours, textures and periods which showcase the rich diversity of Turkey in all its glory.

Once sated with The Hazz's impressive lobby, stroll out into its private terraced garden, adorned with jasmine bushes and soothing birdsong. Then, move upstairs to enjoy sweeping panoramic views across the Golden Horn and some of Istanbul's iconic landmarks - including Hagia Sofia, Topkapi Palace and the Blue Mosque. In between, enjoy the lively modern-day bars and restaurants, bookshops and art galleries that characterise the soul of this inspiring city and its effervescent cultural scene.

The Hazz has featured in numerous interior design publications, among them World of Interiors, AD Germany, Belle Australia and House & Garden US. It is widely regarded as Istanbul's most exclusive, bijou accommodation. And you can stay in one of just five rooms. 

Pease note: prices displayed for 3 nights for each room/ suite with the first 2 guests sharing ( not per person) 

Rates are quoted in British Pound (GBP) based on 3 nights duration.

Prices shown include : daily breakfast and Luxury private transfers and private motor-launch across the Bosphorus on arrival.

Guests can arrive on any day, for any duration but  minimum 3 nights.

Flights are not included in our displayed rates


We understand that you have your own travel preferences, however, our service is focused on  their provision.

We offer any flight, any airport, any duration or no flight at all- whatever you wish.

If your dates cross a price band, the initial  price (up  to 7 nights) is taken from the date of departure.

Thereafter, the nightly rate is applied relevant to the specific dates of occupancy.

Guests can arrive on any day, for any duration but  minimum 3 nights.                         


Meet and Greet assistance

£200 per person

It is an optional exclusive service that blends privacy and luxury  and makes your journey through the airport a seamless stress-free experience;


  • Welcome you at the gate
  • Expedite you through passport & customs checks.
  • Take care of your luggage
  • Escort you to your executive car on departure


  • Flight is closely monitored so as to inform you of any delays or cancellation
  • We meet you at your car on the  curb side
  • Take care of your luggage
  • Assist you with your tax refund if any
  • Check your luggage at the priority counter
  • Escort you to the gate for pre-boarding

Payment Terms

In order to confirm your booking a deposit of £1000 PLUS the full cost of the International flights if arranged by Voyage Elegante. The balance for the entire booking is due in full 12 weeks prior to departure.


Hazz Istanbul 1
SELECT 3 Nights From£ 1.128

Hazz Istanbul Konstantiniyye

Hazz Istanbul 2
SELECT 3 Nights From£ 1.020

Hazz Istanbul Divanhane

Hazz Istanbul 3
SELECT 2 Nights From£ 1.128

Hazz Istanbul The Library

Hazz Istanbul 4
SELECT 3 Nights From£ 1.236

Hazz Istanbul The Terrace

  • Free wifi
  • Room Service
  • Restaurant
  • Terrace