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Why Cappadocia is the Most Magical Place on Earth

The name Cappadocia derives from Karpatuka, which means ‘’the Land of Beautiful Horses’. In this captivating region, where human settlement dates back to the Paleolithic period, the highest quality horses of the ancient period were raised. Today, this world famous region of Nevsehir is known as “Cappadocia”. The Cappadocia Region was an inland sea, as understood from the fossils of the sea creatures found in archaeological excavations. This quintessential fairy tale land, attracting visitors from all over the world with its unique Fairy Chimneys and colourful balloons. So why is Cappadocia one of the most fascinating places in the world? Come take a look!


Fairy Chimneys “Nature, History & Mystery

According to a legend has been told from the ancient times, this place was previously home of the giants who mistreated people. When they got angry, t ...

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