Sabrinas Haus Superior Suites

Sabrinas Haus

Room types; Bougainvillea, Pine


The afternoon sun gently soaks the deck and garden terrace at Begonville. You can even bask in a Bali-style pavilion with Jacuzzi bath, watching the sunset, and immerse yourself in deep sensory warmth. The living area is separated by doors from the master bedroom and has its own sofa bed. Both the master bedroom and the living area have private shower rooms, making Begonville particularly suitable for companions travelling together; the suite gives them a little more privacy than simply sharing a twin room. (55m2)


Facing to the breathtaking panoramic view of Bozburun, Pine has a king size bed and also a changing room. This 42m² room also offers an amazing view with its outdoor jacuzzi nestled in its porch

  • Bougainvillea with sea view
  • Bougainvillea with 200x200 bed
  • Bougainvillea with relaxing sofa
  • Bougainvillea with outdoor jacuzzi
  • Bougainvillea with balcony
  • Pine with sea view&veranda
  • Pine with 180x200 bed
  • Pine with relaxing sofa
  • Pine with outdoor jacuzzi