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Holidays in Symi, Greece

Symi Region is a part of the Greek Islands, This island, whose existence has not been determined for a while, shows that it has a strong historical past with its place on Greek Mythology and archaeological remains. The local people, who made a living with the sponge trade and shipbuilding in ancient times, make a living with the rapidly developing touristic activities. Symi Island is one of the smallest with various remarkable structures.

Highlights of the Greek Symi Region

Symi is a remarkable island, especially with its architecture and colors used in architecture. Because, the houses in the center resemble Italian houses. These houses, which have a uniform shape, are colored using pastel tones, except for the other Greek Islands. In addition, as the touristic activities in Symi Island gain speed, the accommodation service in the region is also quite diverse.

Places to See in the Symi Region of Greece

Symi Island is rich in religious and cultural relics. Because in ancient times this region belonged to the Roman and Byzantine lands and then to the Ottoman lands, so various cultures can be witnessed. It is also possible to examine these historical ruins due to the ease of transportation. The most striking religious relic on Symi Island is the Mani Taxihargi Mikhail Orthodox Church. Apart from the historical ruins, Marathounda Beach is among the first choices of tourists to enjoy the sea and the sun in this region.