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Prima Donna

Prima Donna Antalya, Kas, Patara, Turkey

7 Nights From£ 1.680

Experience The Art of Rustic Chic

Holidays in Patara

The ancient city of Patara, one of the important ports of Lycia, one of the Anatolian civilizations, was established just behind the coastline that continues for 15 kilometers with its sands, clear sea and pine forests reminiscent of the desert. The settlement area in Patara is located 2 kilometers behind the ancient city of Gelemiş Village. The area has also been declared a protection zone against concreting. The entrance to the city is made from a magnificent and well-preserved Roman triumphal arch.

1. How to get to Patara

You can basically use the Fethiye road to reach Patara. After coming to Fetiye, you need to turn from the Gelemiş direction road without deviating from the main road, and after a distance of 5-6 kilometers, you can come to the place where Patara Ruins are located. Apart from that, if you are coming from Antalya, you have two options to use a coastline, namely Antalya Kemer, Fenike and Kaş direction, or to use the inner main road to come from Antalya. But the first option takes a little longer, both roads are about 220 km, but the coastal road may take a little longer, as the coastal road is a little bumpier.

2. Things to do in Patara

You can canoe for 15 miles on Patara beach and spend a beautiful day in touch with nature. You can take a walk on Patara Yolu and Saklıkent. There are actually many reasons to go to Patara. When you come here, you can swim in that magnificent turquoise blue transparent sea, and you can even walk in the sea and grapple with the waves. In a nearby area, you can do Horse Safari. Taurus plateaus are close again, you can climb here. You can see places that are ruins from ancient civilizations. You can spend a nice day in the place called Neron Lighthouse.

3. Historical and Cultural Places in Patara

Patara antic city, Oldest Assembly Building: Capital of the Lycian Union, PAtara Amphitheater, Triumphal Arch, Patara Ruins Necropolis, Hadrian's Grain Warehouse and many more places are waiting for you.

4. Beaches and Places to Visit in Patara

Kaputaş Beach, Kalkan, Saklıkent, Bezirgan Plateau, Sand dunes