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Holidays in Lesbos Island, Greece

Lesbos Island, which hosts thousands of tourists every year, is the third largest island among the Greece Islands. This island, which has historical textures and tourist attractions, will be the best choice for those looking for a calm and peaceful holiday in lesbos Island. You can enjoy the clean sea in the bays of the island and travel to various villages and towns with cultural and historical influences. Since a large part of the livelihood of the locals in Lesbos Island is touristic activities, tourists coming to Lesbos Island do not have any accommodation problems. Since the distances between the towns with historical and touristic structures are not too long, transportation within the island is easy.

Villages and Towns to Visit on Lesbos Island

Lesbos is inevitable to come across traces of the Hellenistic Period in the island. In addition, Lesbos Island is also mentioned with the Lesbos Castle, one of the largest in the Aegean. When you go to Lesbos Island, every road passes through "Mytilene", which is the capital of the island. This center, which has a tremendous combination of traditional and modernized life, also includes historical buildings such as Agios Therapon Church, Gataluzi Castle and Archeology Museum.

The town of Molyvos, which offers a holiday opportunity in an untouched nature, pioneers the cultural activities taking place on Lesbos Island. Molyvosos Castle, which is located in this town and is also known as the second biggest castle of Lesbos Island, is one of the important structures of the region.

Must-See Buildings During Holidays in Lesbos Island

Due to its deep-rooted history, Lesbos Island has dozens of important religious buildings. The most striking of these is the Holy Panagia Church, also known as the Virgin Mary Church. Apart from these religious structures; It is among the interesting historical buildings in Lesbos Antique Theater. With its history, culture and tourist attractions, Lesbos is a true tourist attraction. Tourists coming to the island are extremely satisfied with the accommodation and transportation facilities.

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