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Information About Hatay, Turkey

Why shouldn't the beautiful city Hatay, located in the border region of Syria be a part of your vacation?

Historical buildings from the past years, cultural delicious food impacted by the Silk Road factor and lots of historical places will give you a great pleasure of holiday in Hatay.
There are many hotel options in the city of Hatay. There are chances to find all-inclusive or half-board hotels according to your budget and types of holidays you have designed into your mind.

Hatay, known as the "City of Civilizations" due to hosting many cultures throughout history, is a city where people of different faiths live today. The city, which is a bridge between the Southeast and the Mediterranean, has reflected its multiculturalism in its cuisine. While your holidays in Hatay you may try some special tastes like; Şişperek Soup (Şişperek Çorbası), Stuffed meatballs (İçli Köfte), Iskenderun Doner (İskenderun Döneri), Fellah Meatballs (Fellah Köftesi), Peppered bread (Biberli Ekmek), Hatay Style Paper Kebab (Hatay Usulü Kağıt Kebabı) and Tray Kebab (Tepsi Kebabı).

As far as visiting places are concern during your holidays in Hatay you will have plenty of options to fill up your schedule.
You may prefer the most popular places in Hatay include the Symbolic Buildings, Museums, Beaches, old shopping streets and those who prefer visiting in nature, may choose to visit Rivers, Lakes, Parks, Plateaus, Waterfalls and Caves located in the City of Hatay.