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Teeth whitening is a process that helps remove the coloring that occurs in the teeth. There is no harm to tooth and gums, and whitening procedures can be applied to each healthy tooth. There are two different applications in the clinical setting for teeth whitening, such as plasma-light technology made by the dentist and home bleaching methods that the patient can apply at home. It is best to do both office and home bleaching in order for the whitening effect to last for the longest time possible.



The teeth are produced with highly sensitive working digital devices, and it is finished by taking into the glazing unit. It is inserted into the mouth of the patient again in the same session and the procedure is completed. With this application, which lasts for an average of 30 minutes, the patient will complete the treatment in one session



Dental implantation is the process of placing dental titanium artificial tooth roots in the form of screws on the jawbone instead of lost teeth for various reasons. Implant application is the best and most modern treatment method known in the treatment of tooth deficiencies


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